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A collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, director Adam Stevens and Goodoil Films, this new spot for Toyota Australia showcases the bold new design of the all-new Corolla with the help of ‘Plucky’ – a fully CG bird built by the creature specialists at Alt.vfx.

The brief was to make a photo-realistic bird but also give it enough charm and character to be able to deliver a performance, as Plucky falls in love with the red Corolla.

With a 3D printed robin as on set reference, the team at Alt put the CG bird through the Advanced Creature Pipeline (ACP) – which at its heart has proprietary technology that enables our artists to create and finish creature animation at feature film quality within short advertising schedules. It was designed so that we can animate, light, render and composite in parallel whereas traditional practice is to do this in a linear fashion.

‘Plucky’ then encounters two magpies as they try to steal his ‘shiny thing’ and the hero robin fights them off to protect the car. Extensive feather animation and effects were required as the robin hangs onto the car while going through a car wash, before emerging fluffed and fresh as they drive into the sunset together.

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