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Live and Breathe

Nathan Price’s stunning new Woolmark spot takes us into a dystopian world where man made fibres have taken over.

Alongside TBWA Sydney and Goodoil Films, Alt helped realised the vision of Price, production designer David Mark Lee, and director of photography, Ginny Loane.

Jason Hawkins, VFX Supervisor, said: “It was an joy to work with TBWA and Goodoil on this one. It was a true collaboration between all aspects of production. Starting with a beautiful¬†production design and mood crafted on set, we were set the task of extending and building upon this vision to give us the grand scale of our dystopian world. The heaviest lifting for us was the pipe work seen throughout the spot. Inspired by the pipes that run though Berlin, we built a procedural pipe system allowing us to seamlessly extend and create fully photorealistic pipes throughout the city. This allowed us time to experiment and iterate interactively with Nathan and TBWA to find something that feels structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing, incredibly original and without compromise.”


Nathan Price
TBWA Sydney
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