Alt.vfx celebrate 20th Anniversary of AdFest by winning Five Lotus Awards

21 February, 2017, ,

Visual effects house Alt.vfx has celebrated the 20th anniversary of Asia’s largest advertising festival, AdFest, by taking home a grand total of five Lotus Awards, including the much-coveted Production Company of the Year.

The company’s latest PEPSI Strong commercial for the Japanese market – Momotaro Episode 4 – won the Silver Lotus in the Film Craft: VFX category, while the stunning creature filled spot for the US Food and Drug Administration – Straw City – also took home the Silver Lotus in the same category. The epic Honda Civic ad ‘Chase It’ was also awarded the Bronze Lotus in the VFX category. Straw City also took home the Bronze in the Animation category.

The event – which takes place every year in Thailand – brings together hundreds of companies and agencies from across the world to celebrate the best of creative advertising.
Alt’s awards mean the company has set a new record, winning the top awards in the category 5 years running. Starting with the unbeatable Toohey’s Extra Dry ‘Nocturnal Migration’, Alt has taken home a Lotus every year since the company began in 2011.

Alt’s co-founders Colin Renshaw and Takeshi Takada attended the event this year in Pattaya, Thailand, and were overjoyed with the latest silverware won at AdFest.

VFX Supervisor Colin Renshaw, who worked on Straw City, commented: “We’re delighted to be recognized by our creative peers in the industry with these awards. We put our heart and soul into these works, exporting our creativity to the US, Asia and beyond, and the results speak for passion, dedication and ingenuity of our team. A massive thank you to AdFest for putting together such an awesome event.”

Executive Producer Takeshi Takada, who worked in Momotaro Episode 4, said: “I’d like to thank all of the brands and collaborative partners who have helped us create some beautiful work since we started out company back in 2011. Their projects and ideas have helped us embrace the craft that we treasure, and that continues to be a core part of our business to this day. We’re very proud of the project awards, but especially the Production Company of the Year, and would like to thank AdFest and the judges for this amazing honour.”