Alt release The Don custom-built VR camera rig

18 February, 2017,

Alt’s VR team have handcrafted a state of the art, custom-built VR rig to shoot full stereo virtual reality content and films.

It offers live view, ambiosonic audio capture, stereo 360 at 4K, synchronized cameras with micro 4/3’rds sensors allowing for excellent low light performance, and all packed up in a custom designed lightweight casing for ease of use on location. It has been christened The Don thanks it’s beautiful head of grey hair

The rig has already been used on a shoot for a soon-to-released project for a major client, more of which will come soon.

Tyrone Estephan, Senior Producer, commented: “The Don is a thing of beauty, and allows our VR team to act as a VR facilitation studio. We can offer creative ideas, we can shoot the content, and we can handle every stage of the post production process, including additional visual effects, editing and grading.”

The rig is available for stand-alone hire, or you can choose to collaborate with our award-winning Director of Photography, Sean Ryan.

For more information, please contact Tyrone Estephan at