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Toyota Corolla

Dive Into The Zone

Taking the new Toyota for a ‘dive into the future’ Alt.vfx got to create a world beyond the imagination for this latest spot. As the driver takes his new car on the darkened roads, surrounded by the rain and winds of everyday life, his mind ignites with the excitement of the driving experience, clearing the clouds above the city and allowing him to venture forth into a bright new horizon.

This spot features a stunning ‘bullet time’ style effect – where time stands still and the camera rushes around the car and into the air, with the water burst opening up and showering the road below. Shot in Australia, the car is also a CG replacement throughout, due to the challenges of getting the correct car to the set prior to the release of the new models. Additional matte painting created an epic flavour for the drive, as well as cloud and water simulations to bring about the dramatic changes in atmosphere and location to push the narrative forward.

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Ayumu Uchida, Wataru Sasaki and Tim Green
Howling + Alt.vfx
Toyota Motor Corporation
Nippon Design Centre
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