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Toohey’s Extra Dry

Nocturnal Migration

Representing Tooheys Extra Dry drinkers as they gather together and experience a night out, the stags in the television campaign unite and share the ultimate journey – the nocturnal migration.

The TVC was shot entirely in Auckland over five intensive days and nights in both the city and suburban areas.

This television campaign featured real deer, which for two months were trained by specialist trainers to ‘act’ out specific scenes for the commercial. These ‘acted’ alongside fully CG animals designed and created by Alt.

At all times during the shoot, two-metre high fences were erected to protect the closed off city and suburban streets and to enable the deer space to roam freely and come together naturally as a herd. It was many of these scenes of the deer congregating and migrating that have been used in the final commercial. The commercial was shot by renowned director, Garth Davis.

Alt used motion capture technology on the deer, recruiting specialist talent from all over the world to ultimately create what is the TED nocturnal migration.

Compositing in Nuke & Flame, 3D in Maya and Massive.

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Garth Davis
Exit Films
BMF, Sydney
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