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Quantum Break

The Cemetery

The first trailer for Xbox’s Quantum Break saw protagonist Jack Joyce (Shawn Ashmore) hunted by agents while he mourns the loss of his brother in a creepy cemetery. However, there’s something not quite right as they make their way towards their target; time keeps freezing, jumping and blurring (via some cool VFX by Alt) and eventually it collapses altogether, leaving Joyce free to escape his fate.

The trailer was directed by Michael Spiccia of Arts & Sciences for Twofifteenmccann.

Alt visual effects supervisor and co-founder Colin Renshaw took a team to Prague to supervise the shoot, having engaged with the director and production company at an early stage to ensure that we captured all the plates, elements and measurements required to create the intricately detailed and complex visual effects and achieve director Michael Spiccia’s vision.

The scenes were filmed at an old Jewish cemetery over a week. Alt.vfx used LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology developed in the mining industry to deliver a full digital scan of the site to the millimetre, enabling the team to ‘break’ the environment.

The process took about 15 weeks from start to finish, with a large part of that taken up during a research and development phase.

Alt worked closely with Remedy, who had been developing the game for five years, and wanted us to interpret the game’s aesthetic and time shift moments with as much authenticity to the game as possible. The game’s design had to be integrated into the real world and we spent about eight weeks rebuilding essentially the same visual language to our shots.

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Michael Spiccia
Arts & Sciences
Twofifteenmccann, USA
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