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Lexus RX


The wingsuit pilot jumps 12,000 feet for the idea that Lexus is the car, “For those who dare to step forward.”

The Lexus RX is a family car, an SUV with the option of hybrid efficiency. It’s not easy to make a family car launch exciting.

But when you’ve given your brand the tagline, “For those who dare to step forward,” you don’t have to do easy.

So M&C organised for one of the world’s top wingsuit pilots, Jeb Corliss to take delivery of the first Lexus RX in Australia in dare to step forward style. He jumped from a Caribou plane at 12,000 feet above sea level, flying via wingsuit and landed on the flat-bed trailer carrying the Lexus RX (for some reason) through the outback.

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Jonathan Nyquist
Rapid Films
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