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Dream Run

Honda Australia’s commercial for the Honda HR-V: a surreal dream created by Alt.vfx, Goodoil Films and Leo Burnett, Melbourne.

The ad takes place within the lucid dream of the main character “Brian”. When an imposing force attempt to wake him up, he uses the HR-V to make a getaway and keep on dreaming. Backed by the iconic song “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics, the spot includes strange phenomena, teleportation and much more.

With a challenging schedule of two weeks with live action plates, we undertook the mammoth tasks of realising director Nathan Price’s surreal lucid dreamtime vision for Honda, ‘Dream Run’. The list of VFX shots was lengthy, with just about every shot in the edit needing at the very least a lick and a polish. From cleaning up the plate of the eggs to remove wires, and adding grease to the plate for a subtle streaky final touch, to the photoreal muzzle replacement on Terry the dog, Honda was a big VFX undertaking with a challenging schedule. Working closely with Nathan, Alt built the CG bell tower, the portal of ruins and lake, unfinished highway, CG Honda building around Brian the hero, and completed sky replacements, matte paintings, and 3D signage for the shop fronts. All meticulously art directed to ensure every CG element was in keeping with Nathan’s vision.

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Nathan Price
Goodoil Films
Leo Burnett, Melbourne
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