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Hahn SuperDry

Never Settle

Hahn SuperDry has unveiled its latest campaign, ‘Never Settle’ via Ogilvy Sydney, driving home the belief that our ‘comfort zone’ may be what’s holding us back from living all that life has to offer.

At the forefront of the campaign is a film that will tell stories of some unlikely heroes who launch themselves out of their own comfort zones to realise each of their own dreams. This action sees them literally catapulted off the couch to a better version of their lives – into the outside world and right into the action.

Alt’s artists created all of the VFX, including on set supervision, extensive matte painting, CG environments, digital doubles of the talent, and the spectacular crowds shots, all built with our bespoke crowd and stadium tools.

Ash Bolland
Hahn Superdry
Ogilvy, Sydney
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