Gravity Hack

Multi-player VR game

Alt.vfx has recently created Gravity Hack, a brand new virtual reality game for the HTC Vive platform.

The game, which offers a classic space shoot ‘em up alongside a dynamic virtual drone race through the stars, has been developed in house by Alt.R&D, our emerging technology arm.

Using the dynamic controls offered by the Vive, Gravity Hack puts players inside a retro-futuristic arcade game, where they battle against against each other in a hectic time trialed battle where up is down and down is up.

“With Gravity Hack, we have knowingly devised a game that breaks all the conventional rules of virtual reality,” said Executive Producer Tyrone Estephan. “This isn’t for the faint hearted, but for those that want to challenged within this new arena. We are literally taking the laws of gravity away from the user, until they learn how to control the game play. If you think of Sandra Bullock tumbling through space in Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, that’s the essence of what you have to master to enjoy this game.”

Chief Technologist Raymond Leung said: “A single player or two player platform, Gravity Hack allows users to take part in an epic space shoot out, claiming sections of the dome for their team before the time runs out. They can also choose a virtual reality space race – something like drone racing – through a preordained race track that echoes the curves of the Yin/Yang symbol. Using a combination of thrusters and laser canons, players fly through a challenging course, dodging space debris and navigating through time gates to stay on top of their opponent.”

Anyone interested in taking part in the battle between light and dark can do so by visiting Alt’s studio in Darlinghurst, Sydney, where a permanent installation is set up for players.