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Ford and BBDO Australia has launched a new campaign unveiling two new models – the all-new Escape and new-to-market Puma.

Both Escape and Puma are designed to be as effortless and user-friendly as possible, with pure lines, intuitive technologies and adaptive interiors.

The Ford Escape and Ford Puma are the real deal.

So much so, that when it comes to promoting them, they don’t need any fancy tracking shots, lens flares, or dramatic scenery. They don’t need a big soundtrack or any post-production. And they don’t need to be made more desirable by having beautiful models or focus-group approved families driving them. In fact, they are so perfect there is no advertising trickery required’.

The launch films open with the Escape and Puma vehicles located in their ‘natural’ environment, with the Escape on a windswept beach for a family day out and the Puma in a stylish cityscape.

But as the spots progress, those scenes are revealed to be the result of some unnecessary advertising trickery. The vistas have been superimposed on green screen, the birds were props held by the film crew and a couple’s dog is actually a man wearing a 3D motion tracking suit.

With the surroundings and advertising trickery removed, the cars themselves sit effortlessly front and centre looking just as great without all the props as they did with them– proving that they need no additional help to stand out.


Tim Bullock
Ford Australia
BBDO Australia