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Drowning in love

Data driven NFT

A ground-breaking NFT by MonoC, Asia’s first digital influencer.

This generative artwork was created in part by real-time data drawn from the My Kawaii Valentine auction, via Phillips Auction house. T&DA’s data-driven algorithms, and unreal engine cgi, commissioned by Gusto Labs, procedurally generated flowers according to the data parameters and trigger certain melodies and animations within these pre-programmed parameters.

The exact amount of data points used to generate Drowning in Love was defined by the My Kawaii Valentine auction; 200,000 data points were collected over the 7-day auction period for the artwork to be optimised. Bidders’ actions in the auction, which included selected unique and edition works by Katherine Bernhardt, Edgar Plans, Gina Beavers, Julian Opie, Javier Calleja, Ayako Rokkaku, Damien Hirst, Mr Doodle, Takashi Murakami Damien Hirst, directly became part of the artistic process, as their participation throughout the auction generated the artwork’s final form.

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Phillips Auctions
Gusto Labs