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How can an already great day get even better? With the addition of Dr Pepper Cherry flavour. Even better when it’s brought in on a tiny miniature horse-drawn charriot, or ‘cherriot’ if you like!

When you have an insanely silly and fun creative idea like that, you call in creature specialists Alt.vfx.

“We made a tiny horse,” said VFX Supervisor Nick Lines.

That’s right, Nick. We did. Our team of artists sculpted the talking horse and its Roman-style charriot in 3D, then used extensive grooming, lighting and texturing to ground it in reality. Our animation team then studied hours of reference material, looking at the subtleties of movement a horse makes when trotting, galloping and resting, and then applied these to our 3D horse. We then used compositing techniques to place the horse and charriot into the live action plates.

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Dr Pepper
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