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AA Insurance

Dinosaur vs Unicorn

AA Insurance is launching its new campaign, titled Dinosaur vs Unicorn, as part of its successful Live a Little Freer platform. In a mystical clash of fantasy and reality, DDB New Zealand has teamed up with AA Insurance, Good Oil Films and Alt.vfx to create a campaign that moves away from feeding the insurance fear.

The campaign rises above product offers and playfully communicates AA Insurance’s role in covering the things people care about, so Kiwis can live free from worry about what could go wrong.

The debut spot follows a juvenile T-rex as she stalks her otherworldly unicorn prey around a family home. Bumping and bashing about, the playful chase narrowly misses precious objects. Towards the end of the spot, the two characters reveal their true identity… a father and daughter living out a fantasy, embodying the idea of Living a Little Freer thanks to AA Insurance.

The awesome creature work was brought to life by the creature specialists at Alt.vfx.


Adam Gunser
Goodoil Films
AA Insurance
DDB New Zealand
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