Alt shows its teeth for FDA’s ‘Straw City’

26 November, 2016

Visual effects house Alt.vfx has helped create another stunning creature spot, this time for the US Food and Drug Administration.

Everyone knows the timeless classic “The Three Little Pigs,” but what if big bad wolf smoked cigarettes as a teenager and was unable to huff, puff and blow down the little pig’s straw home? In the spot, directed by Carl Erik Rinsch and shot by MJZ, the wolf is left outside struggling for air because smoking takes the air away from even the biggest and baddest.

“Straw City,” the latest campaign from FCB New York for the FDA, shows the devastating, real cost of smoking as a teen – resulting in loss of potential and permanently stunting the growth of lungs. The final 60 second clip (linked above) was released in the US in early February 2017.

Alt’s creature experts used a blend of cutting edge techniques for the spot, including advanced motion-capture and character/fur animations, alongside CG environments and digital compositing.

The final spot

The VFX Breakdown