Alt’s young guns band together for The Pierce Brothers’ new video

27 June, 2017

Melbourne act The Pierce Brothers have released a stunning new video for their track, Take Me Out, thanks in part to the next generation of talent from Australian creative studio, Alt.vfx.

Partnering with Director Mick Soiza and production company ROAM Films, the Alt team helped create and produce the colourful clip for Warner Music Australia, which shows the Brothers performing the high-energy track in their inimitable style.

Alt’s award-winning cinematographer Sean Ryan worked with Soiza on the shoot, with editor Stephanie Liquorish and colourist Caleb De Leon working their magic to bring the song to life in visual form. The entire process was managed by Producer Jess Calvert.

While the team have worked across many of Alt’s award-winning projects in the past, Take Me Out marks the first time they have collaborated exclusively with each other.

“When Warner came to us with the opportunity of bringing the energy of this track to life, we jumped at the chance to collaborate with Mick Soiza in realising The Brother’s vision,” commented Producer Jess Calvert.

Sean Ryan, DOP, said: “It’s was great to work alongside and collaborate with young, passionate people who were committed to producing something that we and the band would be proud of. The Pierce Brothers are incredible performers which really comes through in the clip. We were fortunate they gave us room to experiment with colours and filters to bring something unique to this performance of their new single.”

Watch the clip on The Pierce Brothers channel.