Alt deliver keynote speech at AD Stars 2017

28 August, 2017

On Day 2 of AD STARS 2017, Takeshi Takada and Dave Kelly from Alt.vfx spoke passionately about the importance of film craft.

Takeshi showed fascinating ‘making of’ videos that show the artistry that goes into making major campaigns at Alt.vfx, while Dave elaborated on why VFX can make a huge difference to the success of advertising campaigns.

In a recent campaign for Asahi, Alt.vfx had to complete the production within a seven-week timeframe.

“It was a mission impossible project. We definitely had to be creative,” says Takeshi, explaining they had a team working in cities around the world in 24-hour shifts to complete the project.

Dave continued: “There are many layers to film craft – scriptwriting, casting, art direction, music, animation, VFX. Everyone in this room is a link in the chain from writing to storyboarding. For the advertisers in the room, film craft really does matter in terms of bringing ideas to life.”

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