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More For Members

RACQ has launched RACQ Bank, along with a new brand platform, ‘more for members’, developed with Clemenger Brisbane and UM, and produced by Kiosk and Alt.vfx.

The campaign uses a 3D Google Tilt Brush effect to visualise the more we want in life – the more that RACQ makes happen. ‘More for members’ will incorporate brand, product and retail campaigns, and will roll out across all channels.

Says Renee Davidson, General Manager Marketing at RACQ: “RACQ is a much-loved and trusted Queensland brand. As a mutual organisation everything we do is for the benefit of our members and our Queensland community.

“With the launch of RACQ Bank, we needed a brand platform that would not only help to demonstrate our mutuality in a meaningful way, but also deliver on our vision of a fresh approach to banking.

“The launch of RACQ Bank is a world-first for autoclubs and represents a two year journey for RACQ, QT Mutual Bank and our members.”

Adds Marianne O’Brien, Creative Director of Clemenger Brisbane: “Mutuality is a complex thing to try to explain. But the platform, ‘more for members’ says it simply and connects to the human desire to want more in life. RACQ offers more savings, more peace-of-mind, more for your home, your car and now with RACQ Bank, more for your money.”

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Ryan Renshaw
Clemenger BBDO