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FDA – The Real Cost

Straw City

This stunning spot for the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) was done in collaboration with FCB New York, MJZ and Home VFX.

Straw City is an animated spinoff from the classic fairy tale ‘The Three Little Pigs.’ Directed by Carl Erik Rinsch, the ad aims to warn teenagers about the dangers of smoking, and involved photo-real character CG design, digital sets and other VFX work from the artists at Alt.

All head animation was hand keyframed, with on set talent head replaced in all shots with our wolf characters.

We were supplied with concept art and further developed this design in 3d using modelling and fur grooming techniques. The wolf had an extremely detailed multi layered groom as he spent a significant amount of time close to camera.

We also scanned and re-topologised many of the latex pig heads, these were textured and had fine hair grooms added also. This was done so the hero pigs could have facial performance as the latex masks were quite static. Props such as headphones were also added in CG.

There was a small amount of set dressing with straw but a huge amount of CG straw was added. The set was LIDAR scanned and we extracted parts from that to apply straw to using a custom system designed specifically for this project.

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Carl Erik Rinsch
FCB New York


Visual Effects and Creature Design
Alt.vfx Executive Producer
Celeste Fairlie
Alt.vfx VFX Supervisor
Colin Renshaw
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