Full service production and post production services for VR and AR projects

Alt.R&D functions as a ‘facilitation’ studio, the kind of studio that can help produce creative ideas for any project, as well as shoot your content via our in-house team of award-winning talent. On top of that, we can handle all aspects of the post production process for AR, VR or 360, including additional VFX, editing, grading and finishing.

From 360 video to fully CG, interactive virtual reality experiences, the team at Alt.vfx have done it all.

We have created bespoke apps that allow the user to access multiple pieces of interactive content, built two-player interactive games, and also created VR experiences using both fully CG characters and environments and also a combination of live action plates and CG surrounds.

Alt’s Custom-built VR Camera Rig

Alt’s VR team have handcrafted a state of the art, custom-built VR rig to shoot full stereo virtual reality content and films.

It offers live view, ambiosonic audio capture, stereo 360 at 4K, synchronized cameras with micro 4/3’rds sensors allowing for excellent low light performance, and all packed up in a custom designed lightweight casing for ease of use on location.

The rig is available for stand-alone hire, or you can choose to collaborate with our award-winning Director of Photography, Sean Ryan.

Alt’s Custom-designed VR Editing Suite

Alt now has a full VR post production system installed in our Sydney studio, with live grading and editing facilities alongside experienced editors and colourists.

The new system allows for live grading and colour correction in a 360 space, and can work with any type of content, either 360 video or full CG environments, giving any potential project team the opportunity to view and manipulate content in real time.

To discuss the potential for your next project, contact Executive Producer, Tyrone Estephan.


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