Congratulations to Derin Seale and FINCH on 2018 Oscar nod for The 11 O’Clock

24 January, 2018

All of the team at Alt would like to extend our delight and congratulations to Director Derin Seale, whose brilliant short film The 11 O’Clock has been nominated for Best Live Action Short at the 90th Academy Awards.

It’s an amazing achievement by Derin and the team at FINCH.

Produced by Seale, writer and star Josh Lawson, and Karen Bryson, The Eleven O’Clock is a self-funded short comedy that follows a delusional patient of a psychiatrist who believes he is actually the psychiatrist. As they both attempt to treat each other, the session spirals increasingly out of control. Damon Herriman plays opposite Lawson, and Alyssa McClelland also stars.

This slice of comedy genius was cut by the talented editor Drew Thompson at ARC EDIT.

The team at Alt had a small hand in the film, with Editor Matt Bennett handling online and VFX Supervisor Jason Hawkins looking after credits and title design.

We’re proud to be part of the Aussie team that brought this one to life. Fingers crossed for the Oscar ceremony in LA on March 4th!